Bullying is the act of purposefully and repetitively intimidating or harassing another person and can happen in many different ways.

Types of Bullying

Verbal: Name calling, gossiping, insulting and making racist or sexist comments.
Social: Purposefully excluding one person from an activity or group in order to hurt their feelings.
Homophobic: Any type of bullying because of a person’s perceived or actual sexual orientation
Physical: Everything from hitting or kicking someone to destroying personal belongings and making threats to injure someone.
Cyber: Sending or posting hurtful or embarrassing comments, emails or images through the use of electronics or on the internet.

Bullying - by Jessica

What you can do

Helping someone else

· Do not join in the bullying.
· Tell the bully to stop in a firm and clear voice.
· Take the person being bullied out of the situation
· Make friends with the person who is being bullied so they know they have someone they can go to.
· Tell an adult who can help
· If you hear your friends gossiping or spreading rumours about someone, tell them to stop.

Helping yourself

· Use the “strength in numbers” technique.
· Don’t show a reaction. Fighting fire with fire never works.
· Talk to someone, anyone. Talk to a teacher, parent, friend, coach, relative or sibling – if the first person doesn’t listen, keep trying.
· If the situation puts you in danger, ignore the bully and walk away.
· Stand up for yourself. Use a firm, confident voice. Tell the bully to stop.
· If you are being cyberbullied save the messages or conversations or take pictures of them
· Block access to cyberbullies – delete them as friends and block them from your profile.
· Adjust your privacy settings so that people can’t see you or can only see certain parts of your profile.
· Report it to the website

Cyber Bullying - by Jessica

Where to get help

If you or someone you know is being bullied don’t be afraid to reach out for help or more information. Keep talking until someone listens and you find the help you need! Go to our get help page for a list of phone numbers, websites, and apps.

If you are looking for additional information about bullying visit www.prevnet.ca/