Did you know?

  • that suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth
  • about 4000 people die by suicide each year in Canada
  • approximately 50 people die by suicide in the Waterloo Region over the period of a year. That’s one person per week. And for each and every death, there are at least ten more people who attempt suicide. Sadly that is 520 people last year alone.

Signs of Risk

Someone with thoughts of suicide may:

  • talk about wanting to die
  • threaten suicide
  • show changes in behaviour,
  • change their appearance
  • experience mood swings
  • abuse drugs and/or alcohol
  • deliberately injure themselves
  • appear depressed or sad
  • withdraw from family & friends
  • easily become agitated or angry

Helping Hand

Helping a friend

  • Be a good friend
  • Listen carefully
  • Be patient and calm
  • Watch for warning signs
  • Get help from others
  • Send them a text to check in and have them text you back
  • Don’t keep it a secret
  • Don’t take on their problems, just try to help connect them
  • Take all threats seriously

Helping myself

TALK ABOUT IT! Tell Someone; a friend, parent, family doctor, counsellor…someone who will listen

Keep yourself safe

  • Have a contact you feel comfortable with that you can call
  • Have a safe place where you feel like no one can harm you and you will not harm yourself
  • Distract yourself with favourite things
  • Develop a support system
  • Know who you can call
  • Have their numbers available. Make a list
  • Don’t be scared to ask someone to stay with you
  • Know that you can always call the crisis line

Day to day tips

  • Get lots of sleep
  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise, get active
  • Try to relax with yoga, deep breathing,
  • meditation, reading or music
  • Stay involved or get involved with activities you enjoy
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Avoid drugs, alcohol & caffeine

Youth TALK

Youth Talk

The information on this page has been provided by Youth TALK. Youth TALK is a program that the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington Dufferin has offered at schools throughout Wellington-Dufferin over the last number of years.  The program aims to promote awareness of significant issues affecting youth today, including suicide, mental health and bullying.  Youth are encouraged to plan and implement creative projects that will raise awareness of these issues at their school.  Projects have included such activities as creating Messages of Hope, murals, hosting information booths, assemblies, and dramas.  These initiatives are developed primarily by students with the support of the Youth Engagement Facilitator and a designated staff person at each school.  Students benefit from the opportunity to learn and educate their peers about mental health issues, gain leadership and teamwork skills, and impact their community in a meaningful way.

More information

Looking for more information? Check out the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council or visit their Youth Help and Resources page!

If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis, or know someone who is, please contact your local crisis line, mental health centre, hospital, or get in touch with your family physician. Check out the get help page for a list of phone number, including crisis lines, and resources.