Get Involved

Are you interested in joining your school’s Empowerment team or the Regional WAYVE team?

WAYVE Regional Team

Recruitment for the Regional presentation team happens through an application process at the beginning of every school year. We meet with applicants to see if WAYVE is a good match. Talk to your In-School advisor for more information or fill out an online application.

Empowerment Team

Empowerment (In-School team) recruitment happens at the beginning of the school year and sometimes can be ongoing throughout the year. Please check with your In-School advisor for more information!

A Typical WAYVE member?

I will let you in on a secret… there is no such thing as a typical WAYVE member. WAYVE team members possess a number of difference strengths that contribute to the success of the program. The only thing that all members have in common is the desire to make change.

WAYVE Recruitment

What do you like about WAYVE? Quotes from past team members!

“Everything! The presentations, working with and bonding with youth WAYVE members. I also like the weekly meetings because it gave us a chance to stay connected as a team.”

“I liked that we presented to schools in our region and actually took steps to helping youth in our community. We actually made a difference.”

“Meeting new people!”

“I really liked getting the chance to try and change someone’s life while getting my life changed at the same time.”

“I liked how we created a sense of family together. I made new friends.”