Young Carers Project

Many people have not heard the term ‘young carer’ before, but it’s a term that more people should be aware of. There is a project in our region that is looking at raising awareness about young carers and what adult allies can do to help.

The definition of young carers that appears on their website is as follows:

WE ARE children, youth, and young adults who experience an alteration in our family role, different from normal cultural and age expectations, as a result of another family members exceptional need or unique family situation.” – Young Carers Project Advisory Group

If you are looking for more information visit the Young Carers Project Website. They also have a great printed resource that you can ask for as well. If you are a young person who is helping with the care of another family member there is a peer support group starting up, see the poster below for more information.

YCP Peer Program Flyer1