Check out the new WAYVE video!

Pretty amazing right? We would like to thank Creative@Work for making this video for us. It’s pretty exciting because it really captures WAYVE and what we do.

I would also like to tell you about the process that Creative@Work helped us through in order to have this video produced. We were lucky enough to win the incredible prize of a video produced by Creative@Work. The process all started with a questionnaire that they sent us to help them understand what our program is, how it is run, and what makes it special. They then came in and met with the WAYVE Regional 2015 summer team to talk to the youth members about what the program means to them. At this point Todd and Tyler (who were our contacts at Creative@Work) drew up a script and sent us the draft. The Regional team went through the draft and made suggestions and edits and returned it. After a few back and forths (Todd and Tyler were very patient and willing to listen) we had a finalized script. The Regional team suggested that a young person read the script and that the image of a tree should be incorporated into the visuals of the video. These suggestions were taken seriously. They hired a young actress and the script was recorded at a CMHA office. At this point we left it in their capable hands while they incorporated all of the Regional Team’s ideas in the form of this video. It was a really fun process and the video really captures everything that we were hoping it would.

A huge thanks to Creative@Work for creating this video! And of course thanks to the youth on the Regional Summer team who helped with the script editing, for talking about what the program means to you, and for all of the ideas you put forward for the video. Also, a big thanks to the Ministry of Community and Social Services for their support with the implementation of the social media among social service organization in the Central West Region. Thank you, Community Living Oakville for organizing the training event where we won this amazing prize.

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