Volunteer Impact Award Gala

On April 3rd, 2014 Rebecca Pister, Jennifer Durst,  Graeme Smith and Rachal Bolger attended the Volunteer Impact Award Gala hosted by the Volunteer Action Centre. It was a great event, complete with live music, wonderful company and delicious food. What a wonderful way for the Volunteer Action Centre to celebrate the vibrant and active Kitchener community! 

Rebecca Pister and Jennifer Durst were thrilled to accept the Adult Ally Award.

Rebecca and Jen!

Rebecca and Jen!

Graeme Smith and Rachal Bolger graciously accepted the Youth Engaging Organization Award on behalf of the Regional WAYVE Team.

Gala Rachal and GraemeThey were all happy to be a part of the celebrations and were grateful for the recognition of their work within the community.

Gala group 2014A huge thank you to the Volunteer Action Centre for organizing the awards and hosting such a successful evening!