An Interview with Kelly Lovell

In November we held our annual in-school team training day and were lucky enough to have Kelly Lovell come and speak to our group. As a youth leader herself and someone who actively engages youth in a number of ways, we thought it would be interesting to talk to Kelly about her experiences and what makes her passionate about the work that she does. We are going to be posting her responses in three different posts. Read on for Kelly’s answers to our questions.

Part one – Kelly on Kelly

How did you decide to get involved in the kind of work that you do?

I never anticipated to grow my work as I have. In many ways I have written my own job description as I am pursuing a role that has yet to be overly defined in industries. What is a “youth mobilizer”? I rather like to look at why is one needed? This is where my answer lies. I did not intentionally set out to follow this career; rather it came to me as I acknowledged the void in industries to bridge the gap between youth, business and community. I saw the great potential of my peers, the wave of change our generation was building and the need to empower and prepare communities to embrace such innovation.

I let my passion guide me and it created a role in which I can honestly say I could not be any happier in dedicating my career. I learned an important lesson from my experiences; life is unpredictable. You may think you know what you want to do in life but be prepared for a detour or change in route. It’s okay not to know what you want to do in life. We are pressured so early on to know what we want to do and become. Because of this we become so focused we sometimes miss out on the little life clues along the way showing us our passions. Don’t stress, as soon as you stop looking for your path you will find it.

Kelly Speaking at the WAYVE Training Day

Kelly Speaking at the WAYVE Training Day

What were some of the major hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

The biggest hurdle I have had to overcome is doubt; self-doubt and that of others thrust on to me. When you pursue something that is not of the norm or a familiar path in life you inevitably find skepticism. It is hard for people to understand your motivation and visions. It is much easier to pursue a common path and lead a predictable life. However, if you follow an accepted path how are you leading? To lead you must enable others and walk a path that has yet to be made; pave your own path for others to follow.

To overcome this hurdle, I have let other’s doubts fuel my drive to succeed. In many ways you can channel your inner “teen rebel”. For every person that tells you to give up or doubts your ability to succeed set out to prove them wrong! Remind yourself of why you are pursuing your path in the first place. Keep your eyes on the end of the tunnel, on your goal and let that motivate you to continue forward.
I think doubt is the greatest obstacle anyone has to overcome. Even our greatest leaders doubt themselves at some point in their journey. It is a matter of keeping focus on the greater vision and goal to motivate us to move past our struggles.

What are three things you have learned about yourself through doing this?

I think the greatest lesson you can learn from leadership beyond how you can enable others, is finding your own identity. Through the successes, failures, stresses and roadblocks you are mentally and physically put to the test.
Through my own experiences I have learned I am resilience, spirited, and resourceful.
Always a shy girl, I never acknowledged my mental strength to overcome obstacles. Through my experiences I have found that I am resilient and can bounce back from struggles to achieve my goals.
If you are to ask anyone that meets me they would describe me as passionate. By allowing my true personality to shine I have found I am extremely bubbly and spirited. This has been my greatest character trait as an entrepreneur because I have been able to earn people’s support through my contagious positive spirit
As an entrepreneur trailblazing her own path, I have been challenged to take on many different career roles. As a youth, I have lacked access to typical resources that are required to scale a business venture including finances. I have had to become resourceful to full fill my needs and not let such obstacles stall my progress.

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